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Crunchy Cacao Nibs 200g

Crunchy Cacao Nibs 200g

Sundried cacao beans.  These nibs have been hand made by the women in the Solomon Islands. They are gently roasted, hand cracked into pieces and then the shell removed by a small winnower. You will find these are different to supermarket nibs as they are hand made (without machinery).


All the health benefits are contained and optimised due to the gentle hand made nature of these nibs.


The flavour is floral and fruity with low acidity and always crunchy.


Sprinkle over steamed vegetables, soup and add to your pepper grinder or toss over a salad. These are excellent to add to a fruit bowl, smoothies, and porridge . They can  be used as sugar free chocolate chips in baking.


These nibs are spray free and tested and safe from heavy metals.

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