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Pure Cacao Paste 250g

Pure Cacao Paste 250g

100% Cacao paste. Sundried Cacao beans (spray free). Tested and safe from heavy metals.


Each batch is lovingly ground for at least 24 hours and uniquely imprinted with sound and flower frequency along with the language of light and crystalline codes. 

Perfect for ceremony and everyday use, setting your intention and "making everyday a ceremony".


Take one premade portion and add to 200ml of water in a pot, add a pinch of himalayan salt and sweetner to taste (honey, maple syrup, etc) stirring or gently whisking as they meld together. Slowly bring to a gentle boil allowing the natural butters to thicken and release the creamy fruity goodness of Cosmic Mumā Cacao.


You can add a plant milk of your choice - coconut, oat, almond. 

For best results do not use refined sugar or cows milk.

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