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Batch frequencies and codes

every batch has a unique vibration

Created with Love for you.

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with

Tuning in and using her natural gift with energy medicine Cosmic Mumā creates the frequency and codes for each batch, use sound healing codes, language of light, crystals, the essence of flowers, attuned frequencies of source.  So check the back of your bag for the batch number to see what goodness is waiting for you to enjoy.

Below are the descriptions of each batch - these change when the energies shift.

We trust you will receive the right frequencies for what your soul is calling forward.

So when we prepare your order we ask Muma cacao to guide us to the right batch for you at this time.

a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.

Batch 64

I hold myself in light

Spine emotional releaser

Gland and cellular enhancer

Balanced expression

 solar plexus


 YES to inner goddess


Batch 65

Clearing DNA and karmic timelines

Restores inner vitality

Base chakra

Comfortable in my own body 


Truth and integrity

From the heart

Batch 66

Sees life as a "magical" experience

Heavy metal eliminator - pancreas, eye & hand enhancer - joint-thymus & spine purifier. 

Willpower, knows everything is possible, self mastery, wisdom, fits in easily with peers, feels secure in one's uniqueness

Batch 67

FREEDOM from fear!

Throat chakra releaser.

Puriri - Raglan roseberry -


Manifestation - focus - clarity

- enhanced inner unity -

TRUST in self wisdom - capable -supersensory-awareness.

Lung, mouth & throat enhancer, 10x amplifier.

Batch 68


Spine emotional releaser 10x amplifier

Helps to stay focused and aligned with own sense of purpose

-Shines one's light out into the world

-Allows space for inner reflection

-Balance with mind & emotions


Batch 69

Healing song for the soul

-Gland, kidney & nervous system enhancer

- Feels alive, present & secure in self

- Feminine power - abundance - inner harmony

Spiritual autonomy - flows with inner guidance

- Anchors a deeper connection with one's life purpose& life path


Batch 70

Good fortune
Delta & Alpha brainwave stabilizer
Liver & skin purifier

Spiritual transformation, mental motivation to make positive adjustments, empowerment, going with the flow

Batch 71


Nervous system & gland enhancer, self reliant,
at peace with decisions/events that seemed unfair or unjust,
faith in oneself

Batch 72

The Transformation-Thyroid

Releasing inadequacy - I AM FREE from limitation in every cell of my being - I step into the full potential of all that I AM - Pink light activation - crown chakra releaser  - FREEDOM - Entity attachment purifier - Self expression

- allows continuous creativity to flow in & through me - Passion 

- the burning flame at the very core of my being surges through me.

Batch 73

Humour & Pineal activation

White light protection - feels at ease in one's own body - Spine & aqua ray purifier - spinal & cellular enhancer - SELF AUTONOMY - spiritual clarity and focus

- Releasing judgement & choosing unconditional love and acceptance 

- Take time in silence - talk to your angels, guides, & ancestors

- Aligns with ones own GOD self. 

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