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Cosmic Mumā

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Kia ora Cosmic Cacao family, I'm Tracy AKA Cosmic Mumā.

During a time of big change in my life I was looking for more support for my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Then in March 2021 my journey with Mumā cacao began with a life changing experience, opening my heart and aligning my soul to a new level of awareness. Since then my quality of life and my ability to stay present in my body has massively improved. My c-PTSD has been severely reduced and I no longer have overwhelming burnouts, I am so grateful for the resources and blessings of Mumā cacao. 

Through this journey I was introduced to the Cacao Ambassador, Oongah Browne. I loved what Oonagh was doing with the farmers in the Solomon islands and felt very connected as we had had boys from the from the Solomons/Pacific Islands living with us for schooling for a number of years at our family run hostel in Kamo, Whangarei. 

Oonagh's passion for creating transparency, building community,  working with the cacao farmers and growing the pacific cacao industry to benefit all really appealed to me and my ethos for living my best life.

I jumped at the opportunity to join the Cacao Ambassadors 'emissary training' and then became an 'ambassador' working alongside the cacao ambassador and starting up my own label, 'Cosmic Mumā'.



Weaving the threads together.

I always say Mumā cacao found me (when I needed her most) and she is showing me the way forward.

My friends call me "Cosmic Mumā", it comes from the resonance of "33" in numerology and is my lifepath number.

The symbol on Cosmic Mumā's belly was originally created by a master Carver in Auckland,

(Tessa Harris)For my 50th birthday my daughter commissioned a Pounamu that was created by Tessa specifically for me to symbolize family and connection to the higher self and Family constellations. This later went on to being embodied into the belly of a divine goddess that I commissioned with Artist and friend Cate Pates to create for my sacred ceremonies.

From there she evolved into the logo for Cosmic Mumā with the help and vision of Sarah Moon

of Moon Graphics. You will also find this symbol on the sacred cacao vessels lovingly hand crafted by Fiona Douglas of 'Sacred Vessel creations".      

I'm very fortunate to have a brilliant team of passionate cacao lovers helping and supporting me on this journey.

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