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Original Cosmic CRUMBLE

Original Cosmic CRUMBLE

This whole fat "cosmic crumble" is the first of it's kind, it is 100% pure cacao paste ideal for your daily mug of delicous hot cacao, or you could add it to raw slices, rolling bliss balls in, adding to soup, bolognese, smoothies, porridge, and many more amazing uses.


It does not function like traditional powder as it still contains all of the fat in terms of baking.


This "Cosmic Crumble" has been hand prepared by "Cosmic Muma" with LOVE


 Add 1-2 tbsp of crumble to 200-250mls of water stirring while bringing slowly to a low boil, whisk until fully disolved and allow to bubble until it is thick and creamy, being presant with your intention as you enjoy your delicous drink. Use natural sweetner and plant milk if required.



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